10 Tips To find Upcoming Engineering Conferences

Finding a great international conference  to take part in is easier than you might think, provided you know of the right methods to adopt to search for the best events. The lack of awareness of these methods is why most professionals, students, researchers, and others, find it so tough to find and take part in upcoming engineering conferences. This article offers ten different methods that one can use to find world-class engineering conferences.

  • Word-Of-Mouth

This is one of the oldest ways in which students and professionals get to know about conferences that are coming up in their respective sub-disciplines. The ‘word of mouth’ method, however, depends entirely on blind trust. More often than not, there is no way for you to verify this information against a reliable source except, of course, if a conference that you’ve heard of also has a website/flyer/some sort of formal event announcement.

People who rely on this method, however, enjoy a massive network of peers and colleagues from their own field. They spend years building such a network of contacts that they can rely on for information on the best upcoming conferences that are worth spending their valuable time and hard-earned money on.

  • Social Media

In today’s digital age, there is no shortage of social media platforms to refer to when you’re desperately in search of a top-notch international conference in your field to take part in. There are two ways of finding the best conferences using social media.

  • Using Hashtags

Most conference organizers use hashtags to promote their events. This method is particularly helpful if you’re already aware of a great conference (that takes place annually, biannually, or multiple times a year). All you need to do is search for the hashtag of the event from the previous year and search for updates on the next instance of the same event.

Another added benefit of using this method is that you get to see the feedback of people who actually attended the same conference in previous years. If you notice too many negative comments, then you can safely assume that the quality of the conference has gone downhill, and it is best that you forget about taking part in any future instances of the event.

  • Looking Up The Pages Of Popular Influencers Within Your Field

Every sub-discipline within engineering has numerous field experts and subject matter authorities who are looked up to by students and other professionals within that niche. These people carry a lot of influence as their opinions and recommendations are respected by everyone else within that field.

This second method of using social media to find the best upcoming engineering conferences in your field involves looking up the profiles of these influencers to see if they’ve posted anything about a world-class, must-attend conference that is coming up.

  • Conference Flyers

Students, faculty members, research scholars, and others who operate from within the premises of educational institutions, colleges, universities, and research facilities often rely on conference flyers to find out about upcoming events in their respective sub-disciplines of engineering to take part.

A lot of conference organizers realize that in order to reach their target audience, which is comprised of the above-mentioned professionals, they have to go where their target audience is likely to spend most of their day. This is why they spread flyers and brochures of their upcoming events at the premises of educational institutions and research facilities. Picking up such a flyer can offer a wealth of information on an upcoming event – everything from the location of the venue for the event to the roster of speakers and contact details of the conference organizing committee.

  • Conference Listings

There are a lot of websites these days whose only purpose is to offer conference-goers information on forthcoming events that they might be interested in participating in. These websites feature lists of all upcoming events across all sub-disciplines of engineering.

Therefore, irrespective of whether you’re interested in taking part in a conference in India, the USA, Germany, Thailand, Indonesia, or otherwise, you will obtain information on every single conference set to take place in any country of your choice, in any sub-discipline of engineering.

  • Conference Alerts

Conference alerts are, without a shadow of a doubt, the most opted-for method of finding out about forthcoming conferences to take part in.

Why is this so? Simply because they are the most convenient means of getting information on upcoming engineering conferences.

Although a lot of professionals depend on the conference listings that are available on, most people (including everyone from industry professionals and research scientists to students, scholars, and faculty members) rely on the website for the conference alerts that are on offer. Anyone wanting to receive instant notifications on upcoming conferences can choose to subscribe to these international conference alerts for no charge at all.

These conference alerts make it possible for subscribers to simply sit back and relax and wait for the notifications on upcoming conferences that they’re interested in to be sent directly to their inbox without them having to move a muscle.

  • Websites Of Conference Organizers

This method is only useful if the sort of conference that you’re interested in taking part in happens to be organized by a company that also has a website. While it is natural to think that a conference-organizing company that doesn’t have a website is definitely not capable of organizing great engineering conferences, that is not always the case. There are conference-organizing firms out there that don’t have their own websites but are well-recognized within the tech and engineering communities for organizing world-class events.

  • Join A Society or Organization For Professionals In Your Field

Becoming a part of an organization of individuals such as yourself or within your sub-discipline of engineering is also a great way to learn about upcoming conferences. As with educational institutions, conference organizers also recognize that by advertising their upcoming events at such professional societies, associations, and organizations, they are likely to reach their target audience better.

So, if you’ve been pestered about joining such an organization and have been apprehensive thus far about doing so, then you might want to reconsider your stance in light of this fact.

  • Journals

Subscribing to popular journals in your sub-discipline of engineering is bound to help you find information about forthcoming international conferences that you might want to take part in. Journals often partner with conference organizing firms to spread the word about upcoming events in a field amongst the readers of the journal. Be it virtual conferences or physical ones, there are listings for all sorts of academic events ranging from seminars and symposiums to lectures, workshops, and conferences, in popular engineering journals and publications.

  • Conventional Advertising

While flyers and announcements at educational institutions, research facilities, and popular professional associations, societies, and organizations are all methods adopted by conference organizing firms, traditional advertising methods are also still in use by these companies as a means of spreading the word about their upcoming events.

These traditional methods can involve everything from advertisements in the newspaper, television, and radio to hoardings, banners, and magazine adverts. These days with social media becoming an integral advertising medium for all industries and niches, conference-organizing firms are also beginning to run ads for their upcoming events through popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

  • Forums

Forums are places where professionals, not just those from the fields of engineering and technology, gather together to communicate about challenges that they’re facing and get resolutions from the more experienced members for these issues. Forums also serve as virtual communities for professionals from individual niches to gather together to learn about all the recent updates and developments taking place in their field.

These forums often have entire threads dedicated to announcing upcoming international conferences. These threads serve to raise awareness and spread the word about upcoming events that members of the forum might be interested in.


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