International Conferences in Canada 2024 with Invitation Letter

Canada organizes the best conferences for students/scholars/professionals as per their domain of interest. These incredible conferences initiate insightful discussions and in-depth research to perceive the current trends in the industry. Additionally, these conferences stimulate widespread knowledge sharing, so people can get new perspectives about the topic and extend their knowledge horizons. 

While international conferences in Canada 2024 are certainly helpful for scholars, scientists and academicians worldwide, to attend them, you must meet their requirement criteria. This could be related to visas, travel, documentation, grants and more. 

What are the Two Types of Visas in Canada?

If you want to enter Canada, you will have to get either of two types of Canada conference visa 2024:

Single entry visa: As the name suggests, a single entry visa allows visitors to visit the country only for one-time purposes. Generally, visitors are given multiple entry visas, and only in certain unique situations single entry visas are offered. 

Multiple entry visa: On the other hand, a multiple entry visa allows visitors to travel the country multiple times until the visa is valid. Multiple entry visitors are allowed only for six months. The visa validity can be as long as ten years, however, it depends on the visa issuer. 

Do I Need a Visa to Go to Canada for a Conference?

Yes. If you want to enter Canada for a conference, you will have to have a visitor’s visa or an ETA. ETA, or Electronic Travel Authorization, is a type of digital journey authorization that’s required to visit Canada. You can get it easily by filling up a quick form on the official website of the government of Canada. It’s a quick fill-up process, and you must be able to successfully complete it in just a few minutes. Make sure to keep your passport, payment card, and email address handy for form fill-up. 

Once you get your ETA, it will stay valid for five years. If you are from the United States (US), you wouldn’t need any work permit to enter Canada. 

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Documents Required for Canada Conference Visa

To get a Canada conference visa, you are required to have the following documents:

  • Passport (with passport number, date of issue, expiry, and other personal details mentioned)
  • Two passport-size photographs
  • Proof of paid visa application fees
  • Bank statements, letters of employment, income proof, income tax documentation or any other financial evidence
  • Proof of clean criminal record
  • Proof of good health (medical examination)
  • Proof of returning to your own country once the visa expires
  • Identity documents
  • Civil status documents
  • Cover letter
  • Invitation letter/Letter of Support

Additionally, make sure to submit all the forms that are mentioned in the document/form checklist listed within the instructional guide. You are likely to find it while downloading the visa application form from their website. 

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How to Get Free Conference Invitation Letters in Canada?

To get a free conference invitation letter in Canada, you must register for the conference and request the organizer for the same. Once you do, you will have to eventually follow the below steps:

  • Submit all the details like basic information, passport details, purpose of travel, accommodation, etc. 
  • Mention the reason why you want a free conference invitation letter. You can attend a conference for free by volunteering, scholarships or presenting your paper at the conference. Alternatively, you can ask your superior to help you out if they have any connection with the organizers. 
  • Wait for the organizers to process your request. This may take some time. Once everything’s checked, you may receive an invitation letter from the officials via email. 

Fully Funded International Conferences in Canada 2024 With Invitation Letter

Nowadays, you can get fully funded international conferences with invitation letters so you can attend your favorite conferences/events/seminars free of cost. These are exclusively provided to students, scholars, or attendees who require financial assistance to cover all the

conference-related expenses.

For fully funded international conferences, you will require a travel grant. This can be offered by different organizations, including:

  • Research institutions
  • Academic institutions
  • Government bodies
  • NGOs
  • Businesses offering sponsorships

You must also meet the eligibility criteria/requirements of the organization to get the travel grant. Once you have the travel grant, you must be able to travel/visit Canada for the conference easily. 

If you want the list of the fully funded international conferences in Canada 2024 with an invitation letter, check out International Conference Alerts. Here you will get complete details/info on the conferences for different subjects, including the medical conferences in Canada 2024, with invitation letters. You can also receive free alerts for upcoming conferences/seminars as per your domain of interest. 

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