How Can Attend International Conference & Way To Submit Research Paper During This COVID-19?

The key to achieving success and widespread recognition as a research specialist and scientist involved in carrying out pioneering exploratory ventures the outcomes of which are capable of influencing everyday life and having a tremendous impact on the way humans live in the future is to raise awareness of these findings amongst not just the academic community worldwide, but also to the general populace. All veteran research professionals who have attained success in this regard will attest to the fact that there is no better way to do this than to have a research paper published in a leading international journal within one’s respective field of study, that is indexed by a world-class journal indexing database.

Opportunities for researchers though (however talented they may be and however profound or groundbreaking their discoveries might be), are few and far in between. This means that every researcher has to fight for such publication opportunities, by making use of all the opportunities that they can to talk about their research work and make people aware of their work and research outcomes, so that they may be able to catch the attention of top journal publication officials and have their research work published.

Partake In Conferences To Gain Lucrative Publication Opportunities

One of the easiest ways for someone who wishes to propagate awareness of their research, irrespective of whether they are undergraduate, postgraduate, academic, institutional or organizational researchers, is by frequently taking part in international conferences in their respective fields. This is because, conferences offer delegates numerous opportunities to present their research work, including –

  • Paper Presentation Opportunities,
  • Abstract Presentation Opportunities,
  • Chances to Deliver Lectures, and
  • Opportunities to interact with professionals from eminent journal publication companies.

In order to make full use of these opportunities however, one has to attend top-level international conferences where such professionals are likely to be present. There is little use in taking part in a phony conference organized by sham conference organizers who aren’t interested in offering delegates the best conference experience possible but only in making quick money out of conference registration and enrollment fees.

How To Find Such Top-Level International Conferences?

While it is easier said than done, finding an international conference, where you are guaranteed to avail opportunities to –

  • gain the latest know-how in your field,
  • obtain opportunities to present your work in front of an audience of renowned domain authorities, academics, and publication officials,
  • obtain chances to interact with such people of prominence within your domain, and
  • gain lucrative –
    • career propelling opportunities,
    • collaborative prospects,
    • chances to gain critical funding to continue and further your research work and
    • have your work published in top indexed journals operating within your domain, is often the hardest part. Internationalconferencealerts.com realizes the burden that this can be for hard-working academics, researchers, scientists, scholars, students, and other professionals who spend a lot of time conducting their research work, carrying out studies on the latest phenomena in their fields, and hardly ever find the time to carry out daily chores or spend time with their families, let alone waste time in searching for the best conferences.

That is why, internationalconferencealerts.com is dedicated to serving all these professionals as a trustworthy, reliable and up-to-date source of information on all forthcoming international conferences. On visiting this site, one has ready access to comprehensive conference listings for upcoming events scheduled to take place in all countries across the globe, right from Germany, Italy, and Canada, to the USA, Turkey, Australia, Dubai, and every other nation in the world. One can also subscribe to conference alerts that offer instant notifications on every upcoming international academic event and virtual conference set to take place in one’s field, as and when it is scheduled to take place.

How To Get Your Research Paper Published In A Top Journal?

By following the simple steps listed below one can easily have their research work published in an eminent online journal publication that is indexed by the leading academic journal databases of our time.

  • Finding The Right Journal

Identifying which journal you would like to have your research paper or article or report or review published in, is key. One should also look for a journal that offers quick publication, easy reviewing process, and that is known for publishing relevant research

  • Preparing & Sending A Compelling Cover Letter

The key to making a research journal want to publish your research work is to prepare and send them a persuasive cover letter, detailing how your research work is relevant, authentic, profound and groundbreaking.

  • Submission & Reviewing Process

After you have been chosen, you will have to submit your research work to the publication for reviewal by the editorial committee of the journal. To make this process as smooth as possible, it is recommended that you pay attention to all the journal guidelines for authors and write as well as format your paper accordingly.

  • Final Submission

Subsequent to making all the edits (if any) that have been suggested by the editorial committee, you will have to submit your paper one last time before it is published.

  • Publication

Upon the final submission, you will be notified of when and where your research paper is going to be published. The key to having your research published in the best journals is to thoroughly prepare yourself and pay attention to all deadlines and regulations


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