How Do I Attend A Conference in Australia?

Attending conferences in Australia can bring incredible value to your career, academics, and business. Are you also willing to join an international conference in Australia but don’t know how to go about it? 

If yes, you have reached the right destination. This blog post will outline everything you should know about attending a conference in Australia. So, without any delay, let us dive into the details. 

What type of visa do I need to attend a conference in Australia?

Many people wonder if they need a visa to attend an international conference in Australia. Are you also one of them? Don’t worry. We got you covered in this section. To be precise, you will require a visa to attend an event in Australia. You can either go for a short-term or business visitor visa. However, your passport type will determine the right visa for you. Here is everything you should know:

eVisitor Visa – This visa is ideal for people attending seminars and conferences in Australia. However, please note that only EU (European Union) passport holders can apply for an eVisitor Visa. You can contact your event organizer or passport officials for more details. 

eTA – Electronic Travel Authority – It is a subclass 601 visa. It is an electronic permit visa that allows the holder to travel to Australia for business purposes, tourism, or a family visit. The best part is that you can apply for it online. You can also get this visa within 24 hours. 

Moreover, there is no need to get an Australian Embassy stamp. People from Canada, Japan, the United States, Hong Kong (SAR PRC), South Korea, Singapore, and Malaysia can apply for eTA. People from other countries must apply for a regular Australian tourist visa to attend a conference there. 

Please note that visa application processing can take longer sometimes. Therefore, you are advised to apply for it as early as possible. You may also need to produce a conference invitation letter to get an Australian conference visa. 

How do I get an invitation letter to Australia?

You can attend an international conference in Australia with an invitation letter only. Here are the common eligibility requirements for a conference invitation letter. 

  • You have paid the full registration fee to the organizers.
  • You have an organization or institution’s valid and verified email address. Most professional conferences in Australia do accept Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo addresses. 
  • If it is a research or scholarship event, you should be listed as an author of a published abstract or paper. 
  • The registration letter should be in PDF format. 

Besides this, you also need to submit these documents to obtain the invitation letter for the Australian conference. 

  • HD-quality scanned copies of your passport. 
  • Complete name as given in the passport. 
  • Personal details, including phone numbers, residential addresses, and email IDs. 
  • Details of your current organization and your position, along with its address and industry. You must provide your business details if you are a business owner. 

Can an Australian citizen invite a friend to Australia?

A permanent Australian resident or citizen can sponsor a family member’s visit to the nation. But unfortunately, there is no visitor visa to invite a friend to Australia. However, if your friend can apply for a subclass 600 Visitor Visa – Tourist Stream, you can help him with an application. 

It is known as a letter of support or letter of invitation. You must declare that you are willing to sponsor your friend’s stay in Australia. However, the case officer will take the final call on this letter.  

What is the easiest visa to get for Australia?

Here are the top five easiest visas to get for Australia.

  •  Employer-Sponsored Visa

It is the most common and easier Australian visa so far. Any person hired by a company in Australia can get this visa.

  • Medical Visa

It is a temporary visa given to people intending to visit the country for medical treatments or consultations. With this visa, they can enter the country once or multiple times. This visa is sometimes granted to people who want to assist or support someone already taking treatment in Australia. 

  •  Working Holiday Visa

 First of all, not all countries are eligible to apply for this visa type. So, ensure you check your country’s visa eligibility. This visa is given to people in the age group of 18 to 30 years. They can come to the country for six months to enjoy and explore its beauty. They can also work here but have to leave the nation after six months. 

  •  Student Visa

 This visa is given to students who want to study at Australian universities. However, it should be a formal education course. Many students use this opportunity to get a permanent residency in the country. 

  •  Family/Partner Visa

 If you have a family member or spouse in Australia, you can ask them to nominate you for this visa. You can use this visa to attend Australian conferences and enhance your skills and knowledge. 

Summing Up

So, this was all about attending a conference in Australia. Please understand that such events are vital in improving your knowledge, expanding your network, and giving insight into a topic. So, ensure you don’t let this opportunity miss at any cost. 


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