How To Find International Conferences in Dubai

Are you desperately craving the elevation of your professional status? Then, you might already be aware that you will probably have to consider attending a few international conferences in Dubai. However, with new conferences popping up every year in Dubai, and every one of them claiming to be the best event, it can be pretty hard deciding which one is worth your time. As a working professional, it might not be the best use of your time to take part in subpar events. That is why it’s essential to prioritize your time and only go to conferences where you are likely to get the most bang for your proverbial buck.

To help make this decision a bit easier for you, detailed below are a few tips of how to go about finding the best upcoming international conferences in Dubai.

  • Find Out More About The Organizers Of The Event

Recommendations from colleagues, or various conference marketing materials that arrive in one’s inbox should be put to good use. However, as with anything requiring a considerable investment of your time and money, listening to an independent voice is also a good idea as it will help you get unbiased feedback. Before you plan to attend, do a quick search for the conference organizer, their history with organizing great events, and their reputation within the community.

  • Prioritize Your Objectives

Unless you work in an extremely specialized field, there are likely more international conferences to participate in, than you can possibly hope to fit into your schedule or even budget. Therefore, before you dive into conference research, take a few minutes to plan out exactly what you are looking for in a conference. Lectures range from individual educational events to massive festivals. Recognizing exactly what you hope to get out of participating in a conference will allow you to focus on the key elements when evaluating them.

  • Keep Tabs On Participation

Upon identifying your goals for attending upcoming conferences in Dubai, you will likely notice that the most well-known large conference in your industry might not always be your best choice. Large conferences may not be suitable if you are looking for an intensive day of one-on-one training. From intimate encounters to large exhibition halls with top notch speakers, each conference serves a different purpose. Make sure you don’t overlook small conferences if they suit your needs.

  • Place Inquiries With The Conference Organizers

Finding out which firms are behind the events that you are interested in attending are, and then calling them will give u a good idea of who to trust and who not to, allowing you to also save a lot of time. It helps you network with the one person who knows almost everyone, can make introductions to those you need to meet, and can help you get speaking engagements for years to come.

  • Gather Intelligence

When evaluating conference websites, ignore the rhetoric of the front pages and look for sponsorship information and media kits. These items will most often have valuable information about a conference, including the profile data of participants (reasons for attending, position level and industry type), historical attendance numbers, and conference history. Upon finding out what these are, it is important to make sure that these things align with your goals.

  • Overlook Conferences That Don’t Have A Past

Much like most things in life, a lot of new events don’t really start off very well. You will probably want to avoid spending money to attend a show which can end up with logistical issues such as long lines, sessions that drag on over time, and extremely few or too crowded events for networking. It takes a lot of time for a conference to be able to find its voice and for the profile of participants to develop. Avoiding the inaugural editions of conferences increases the chances that you’ll attend a world-class event that is jam-packed with learning and innovation.

  • Use Social Media Wisely

Most conferences use different hashtag variations for each edition of the event that has taken place or is scheduled to take place. Such events only change the year and location. Therefore, it’s easy to take the current hashtag listed on most conferencing websites and edit it to see exactly what conference attendees thought about previous editions of the conference. A quick analysis of past hash tags can help you spot key metrics of conference value, attendee profiles, and the size and nature of networking events.

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