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Improve Your Knowledge by Attending International Academic Conferences

Attending conferences could be one of the best things that once can do in favor of improving their careers. One can learn about industry trends, learn new skills and build all kinds of new relationships.  But all the different speakers, sessions, contacts and conversations can also prove to be quite overwhelming. In addition to bringing business cards and collecting them from other people, a lot of people are unaware of whether they should plan for other activities when an event is coming up. From pre-game preparation to fun during your stay, here’s what conference attendees need to know to get the most out of their next conference.

1. Gaining Perceptibility

An excellent way to maximize one’s conference experience is to participate in some form or another, either as a presenter, session facilitator or volunteer committee member. A key point to remember is that when you see the initial design of the conference, examine if certain options are available or send an e-mail to the conference organizer to enquire. Taking on a more visible role is an easy way to distinguish oneself from the crowd.

2. Building Better Relationships

Conferences are not just the perfect occasions to engage with new people, but they are also an opportunity to strengthen the links one already has. If there are people with whom you would wish to replenish your ties with but have been out of touch with them for quite some time, then it is best to reach out to them a few weeks before the conference to make an appointment for a coffee or a meal, while you are at the event.

3. Being Familiarized

A large number of conferences are trying to be particularly welcoming towards newcomers and will hold briefings for the first time. Every conference attendee should really think about incorporating this sort of a session into their schedules, not only to get a jist of what the conference is all about, but also to meet other participants who are also a bit unsure and are looking to build new relationships.

4.  Choosing the Most Appropriate Sessions

In most conferences, attendees will have the choice between multitudes of sessions, more than they could even think of attending. It is therefore imperative for attendees to set their schedules suitably and take a look at the conference as a whole. Reviewing all the sessions and events that are of interest is crucial. One should look to attend sessions focusing on a range of topics, skills-building sessions, and social events while allowing you to take time. And if you end up in a session that is not quite what you imagined it would be, do not feel dejected! Making the most of an international conference is all about using one’s time wisely and making the most of all the resources available there.

5. Remembering Acquired Knowledge

With days full of speakers and sessions, there is a lot to ingest, and one probably will not remember most of the knowledge acquired by the time they return to their homes. This is where notes come in handy, as they contain information that one can access easily when they return to work. Whatever the note-taking format of choice, be it conventional pen and paper, laptops, tablets or smartphones, it is a good practice to write at the end of each session the three points to remember as well as any follow-up that would be required on the subject or with the speakers. This will helps attendees refresh their memories and provides them with specific tasks when they return to work.

6. Connect With Speakers

The speakers and panelists at all international conferences are most probably leading experts in their respective fields. For attendees, it is important not to be afraid to ask questions or hang around after a session to say hello and tell them that you liked the presentation and exchange business cards. And if you are not quite able to ask your question in person, you could always follow up by tracking down their social media profiles.

7. Network at Social Events

Take the time to attend the social events of the conference, which present excellent opportunities to connect with people in a more relaxed setting. These events in the case of certain conferences are far more valuable than the sessions of the conferences themselves. Do not be afraid to linger even after the end of the event if you do not want to interrupt a good conversation with someone just to be on time for the next session.

8. Try to Refrain From Too Much Technology

When one is at an international conference, it is crucial to have interactions in person. Conference attendees should not allow their electronics to be obstacles to establishing these connections. So, even if you do not wish to log out completely, at least put the phone aside when you’re waiting for a workshop to start or taking a break at the café-bar and give yourself the chance to engage in meaningful conversations with other participants surrounding you.

9. Amicable Follow-Ups

At the conference, one collects business cards, new friends and followers. Post-conference is the best time to get working on them. In the week following your return from the event, send personalized follow-ups to all the people that you met, to let them know that you relished engaging with them. You can also arrange for a phone call or a face-to-face meeting with those with who you specifically want to do business with or are looking to create long-term relationships.

10. Spread the Knowledge Acquired

Once one has gathered a lot of information, inspiration, and connections at the conference, one of the best things that they can do with these resources is to share them with their associates, colleagues, and friends by sending videos of the sessions that they found particularly helpful, talking about something that they learned at upcoming staff meetings, and relaying to your associates all the interesting contacts that you’ve encountered. Sharing new skills and knowledge is the best way to get your colleagues to return the favor the next time that they attend a high-level international conference.

Make the Best Out Of Every Conference You Attend With

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