Simplest Way To Track Upcoming International Conferences

Are you passionate about attending various international conferences? Yet you don’t have the time to search on Google every time to keep yourself updated about the upcoming international conferences of your field. Or maybe you are subscribed to so many newsletters and journals that they almost spam your inbox with conference alerts on a daily basis? You probably want to receive the conference alerts yet not getting your mailbox spammed.  If it is so, you can follow some simple steps to keep yourself updated about various international conferences.

1.Subscribe on the right platform:

If you want to get any information about international conferences around the globe, then your one stop solution is definitely International Conference Alerts. Instead of subscribing to multiple journals and websites, you can subscribe here to get various details about the international conferences.

2. An alternative to subscription:

It may happen that you don’t want to get conference alerts on the mailbox as it may spam the mailbox or sometimes, it may be so that the conference alerts are getting into your other folders and you are not aware of it. So, you end up missing an international conference. If such is the scenario, it is better to keep an eye on the website on a regular basis. Every international conference has a registration period of a minimum of one month. So, if you make it a habit of checking the website of International Conference Alerts – www.internationalconferencealerts.com at least once in a week, then the probability of missing out a conference alert is way lesser.

3. Set your preference:

If you just search online about the international conference in any field, you get hundreds of results that may confuse you again. But on this website, you can sort out your preferences depending upon the subject topic or location. This helps you to filter your choices for international conferences.

4. Decide your role:

You may just want to attend an international conference, or you may want to present a paper, or you may like to go for both. Depending upon the role you are looking forward to taking up, the pattern of conference alert will vary. If you are just an attendee then it is okay if you get to know about the conference a little later, but even a slight delay may miss your chance to present your paper at the conference. Thus, every time you receive any conference alert, always decide the role you want to take up.

5. Decide your date preference:

Let’s be practical! Attending and presenting papers at various international conferences are not the only job you do. You may have your regular classes in your respective universities or other works too. So, every time you are looking forward to an international conference, make sure over and again the dates of the conference are not clashing with your date of examination or other major dates. 

6. Don’t hesitate to contact:

Getting the conference alert is just the beginning. Once you are aware of an upcoming conference and you are excited to be a part of it, then never hesitate to contact either the admins of International Conference Alerts or the secretariat of the respective conference. They are always there to guide you. If you have any confusion regarding any international conference don’t feel shy to reach out to any one of them.

7. Be active on social media:

In this era of social media, what you can’t afford to do is not to be active there.  The easiest way is to like and follow various social media pages and handles of International Conference Alerts, so every time there is an update on an international conference, you get notified. You may miss the email if it gets delivered to the wrong folder, but you will hardly miss social media updates on all platforms.


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