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Upcoming Conferences in Lisbon 2023-2024

Having been at the vanguard of European research and development for centuries together, losing out to other European powerhouses such as Paris, Frankfurt, Bern, London, and Madrid, during the last three industrial revolutions, Portugal and Lisbon in particular, is beginning to make huge strides across many major sub-disciplines of engineering, applied science, and medicine. With the federal government pouring money into numerous promising research projects being carried in the city, Lisbon is claiming its seat at the table of Europe's biggest research stalwart cities. With so much scientific, technological, and healthcare development stemming from the city, Lisbon is begging to be seen as one of Europe's hottest academic conference destinations.

To help those who are desperate to participate in a Lisbon conference in 2023-2024 to find and identify the best conference for them to invest their precious time and hard-earned money into, we offer detailed listings of all upcoming conferences that are scheduled to take place in the city, for all fields and sub-disciplines imaginable. All you need to do to find a conference to take part in is choose your preferred field of interest and begin perusing through our listing until you come across your ideal event. You can even opt for a subscription to our conference alerts which make it possible for you to receive notifications about your favorite events sent to you the minute they are announced.

List of International Conferences in Lisbon 2023-2024