Best Way To Exchange Your Ideas & Experience through Singapore Conference

If you are planning on taking part in a conference, but are not sure how to go about relaying your thoughts, opinions, and doubts to fellow delegates, eminent experts, domain authorities and others who might be present at the event, then the below-listed points should help you in doing so!

  • Partake In Social Events

Almost every high-level conference in Singapore has additional social events that are planned into the program of events. The purpose of these events is to offer delegates of the event an opportunity to interact with –

lecturers/keynote speakers,
prominent personalities,
and session guides.

By meeting with all these people, one can effortlessly exchange their ideas, theories, research ventures, findings, outcomes and opinions on modern advancements. They can also gain the necessary clarity as well as feedback that they might need on obstacles that they are currently facing in their research work.

  • Stay Back After Sessions

Very often, it is natural for a delegate to leave after the end of a day’s events. However, as all the most experienced conference attendees will tell you, this is one of the best times to meet the people you want to meet and interact with. This is particularly so for speakers and keynote lecturers who might not find the time or be free to meet and interact with delegates during the course of the day’s events or during breaks owing to their tight schedules. Such people are often constantly engaged during these times and make use of breaks to prepare for their subsequent lecturers and addresses. These speakers and prominent personalities will be more than happy to meet with you and listen to your thoughts and opinions.

  • Take Part In Interactive Q&A Sessions

Every top-level conference in Singapore is sure to have a question and answer planned into the schedule of events, in order to allow delegates who could not find an opportunity to speak to the people whom they wished to interact with, to ask questions and gain clarity on issues that they might be facing in their current research work, on a general topic or regarding a particular lecture that was delivered at the event. You could plan in advance for such a session and note down exactly what questions you want to ask, on what topics and to whom! This is another effective way to exchange ideas at a conference

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  • Join A Debate

Debates are all about exchanging ideas and acquiring knowledge about modern perspectives as well as viewpoints you might not even be aware of. Apart from learning a lot of new stuff, this also helps in proving to the audience/other delegates that you are a person brimming with exceptional knowledge on your field. Prominent personalities and domain experts who might be in the crowd might subsequently approach you and talk to you to learn more about your research ventures, findings, etc. This could also open the door to a world of career opportunities as well as possibilities to acquire the funding that will help you pursue further research on your topic of interest.

Keeping all the factors listed above should help anyone taking part in a conference in Singapore, exchange ideas, opinions, theories, and approaches effectively. 


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