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Barbados ranks high among the richest countries in the world in terms of per capita GDP (gross domestic product), with a well-developed mixed economy and a relatively high standard of living. This growth has been aided by a number of groundbreaking research and development activities taking place all over the country. According to the World Bank, Barbados is one of the world's richest economies largely because of its banking and financial services industry. A number of developed countries are also aiding Barbados in implementing a program to modernize the financial services sector and international companies. This is being facilitated by amazing research and development activities as well as top-level seminars, workshops, lectures and conferences in Barbados.

One of the initiatives of the government of Barbados to promote research, development activities and scientific studies has been the organization of high-level international conferences in Barbados 2023-2024, that tremendously aids its thriving community of talented researchers and scientists to keep abreast of the latest developments in their respective fields. is the premier source of information on all upcoming conferences in Barbados. Here, one can also subscribe to incredibly accurate and highly reliable conference alerts (by e-mail) that are totally free-of-charge. There is also the provision for conference planners and conference organizers to "spread the word" about their upcoming events among their target audience and key demographic by adding relevant details to existing information.

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