Frquently Asked Questions

FAQ For Subscribers

1. Why do we need Conference Alerts now-a-days?

The average researcher, scientist, and academician does not have the time to conduct detailed google searches just to find out about international conferences happening around to them. Most of these people have dedicated their lives to their research and spend long hours perfecting their craft and making new, exciting discoveries. This where conference alerts which offer accurate, reliable and up-to-date information on top-level international conferences are important!

2. How to Search Conference Alerts Websites?

It is quite simple for budding researchers, scientists and academicians to find accurate and relevant information about international conferences via conference alerts websites. All one has to do it to perform a simple google search, using suitable terms such as 'conference alerts' or 'international conference alerts websites', and choose from the many conference alerts website that are presently available.

3. Why are you Attending Academic Conferences?

In order for a young researcher or scientist looking to make their mark on their field by contributing something to it that hasn't been achieved before, it is important to constantly keep up with the progress being made in their field. Attending academic conferences is a proven way for a researcher to gain an edge (in terms of knowledge, skill, connections) over their peers and to stand out from the crowd.

4. Where I can get Alerts about Engineering Related Conferences in India?

Here at, we are dedicated to offering budding researchers and scientists eager to learn and grow, accurate, up-to-date and reliable information on all the biggest international conferences happening in a variety of fields. One of the fields that we cover is Engineering. We are a trusted source of information on top-level engineering conferences for budding engineers all over India.

5. Which one is the best site to find International and National Conference Alert? is recognized as a trusted, reliable, and accurate source of information on the biggest international conferences all over the globe as well as conference alerts. Our team is dedicated to offering young researchers, scientists, and academicians who are hungry to learn and grow more in their respective fields, conference alerts on all top-level international conferences in their respective fields.

6. How do you Get Information On Upcoming Scientific Conferences?

If you are on the hunt for information on top-level scientific conferences happening near you, then look no further than At, we are well-known and widely recognized amongst the global scientific community for being a provider of accurate, reliable and up-to-date information on the biggest international scientific conferences taking place all over the globe. We also provide superior conference alerts for scientific conferences, that are absolutely free-of-cost!

7. How do find conferences around the India, Singapore, Thailand, Dubai, germany,Canada, Australia, USA, Turkey

Looking for accurate, reliable and up-to-date information on top-level international conferences that are scheduled to take place in countries such as India, Singapore, Thailand, Dubai, Germany, Canada, Australia, USA, Turkey and more? Here at, you will find exactly that! We have been a trusted source of information and alerts for the biggest international conferences happening in these countries for a number of years now and are well-recognized by the research and scientific communities of these countries for doing so.

8. How to Find Conferences Relevant to your Field?

All one has to do to find information on international conferences happening in their respective fields is to head over to and choose to view our detailed lists of conferences that are available for several fields. At, we also offer conference alerts that are free-of-cost via emails. One can choose to receive these alerts as per their preferred field/fields of interest and location too!

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  • 9. How I can subscribe

    Click Subscribe on home page and follow the simple process to subscribe.

    10. How will help me to find a conference?

    It will help you to find the most appropriate International/National conference and workshops by knowing your requirements like place ,date, topic last date of registration etc.

    11. Is there any price for Subscription?

    Subscription for is completely free for life time.

    12. Can I have an organizer and a subscriber account at the same time?

    Ohh! Yes, you can have an organizer and a subscriber account at the same time.

    FAQ for Organizers

    1. How I can add an event to

    To add an event to the listing, please visit the home page and press on Add Event & submit the form.

    2. What I need to provide during the Add Event?

    You need to provide your Event details like, Date ,Place, Deadline for paper submission, Type of event, event online URL, Contact person etc.

    3. Is there any charge for listing the conference in website?

    Yes!!! To know about the different advertisement plans, please mail to [email protected]

    4. How much time will it take to list the event after successfully event addition process?

    Maximum it will take 12hrs for listing the events in website.

    5. Can I modify the information related event at any time of listing?

    Yes you can modify the Information by logging into the event panel.

    6. Can I promote my Events in

    Yes you can promote your event. Please mail to [email protected] to know about the different advertisement plans.

    7. How many events can be listed from my organizer account?

    Maximum 50 events can listed on during one year for one Organizer Account.