Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At, we take the privacy of all visitors to our website very seriously. We do not consolidate any private details from visitors to our website. Access to all information within is available to all our visitors for absolutely no charge at all. We take all due measures to protect the privacy of all visitors to our website.

The Information We Gather

At, we gather information about visitors to our website from a variety of sources. This information helps us in serving users of our website better. We also gather details about our users on our own. Our intention for doing so is to use this information to glean insights on what our users exactly look for and their preferences.

We gather information about our users as and when they browse through our website. None of this information that we gather contains any personal details that can be used to identify a user. We utilize web server logs to glean insights on -

  • the exact number of visitors to our website.
  • pages on our website that users visit the most.
  • the domains that they use to get to our website -,, etc.
  • the browsers that they use to visit our website.

None of the information that we gather contains in any way personal details that can be used to identify individual users. All this information that we gather helps us make our website better and keep track of its functioning.

Log Files utilizes log files, like most other websites functioning on the world wide web today. Log files contain information such as -

  • IP (Internet Protocol) addresses,
  • date & timestamps,
  • referral pages & exit pages, and
  • click count.

All these details help us in evaluating common user trends as well as gather specifics on the demographic details of our users. None of the details that are provided by these log files contain in any way, personal information that can be used to identify our users.


We at are associated with a number of third-party advertising firms that offer ads as well as gather specific details on users who visit our website. These firms might utilize cookies as well as web beacons to gather information about a user. This information excludes personal details such as a user's name, address, email address, telephone number, or any other personal info. This information is collected in order to show only the most relevant and appropriate ads that each of our users is likely to be interested in.

In order to evaluate how effective their ads are and better personalize ads, these third-party advertising firms might also make use of Cookies, Web Beacons, and JavaScript to do so. does not have any say in what ads are displayed by these third-party advertising firms. Users may feel free to write to us at [email protected], should they wish to get any of their concerns or queries clarified by us.

Terms & Conditions of Use requests all its users to read through our entire Privacy Policy as well as our Terms & Conditions carefully before proceeding to use this website. Users may not hesitate to leave this website should they not ascertain any of the points within our Privacy Policy and our Terms & Conditions to be disagreeable.

Users who choose to user, as well as the contents therein, imply that they are in agreement with our Terms & Conditions as well as our Privacy Policy, as a result of doing so. is a website where news, speculative, and contemplative information is published. Although we make sure to the best of our abilities that the information available on this website is authentic, accurate, and dependable, we do not guarantee that this information is completely free of mistakes and inconsistencies.

The purpose of this website and the contents therein is to serve users purely in an informational capacity. does not exercise any authority or control over any links within this website that lead to other websites. It also cannot be held accountable for losses of any kind that may be sustained by our users as a result of visiting these websites or utilizing the services/products therein. cannot be held accountable for damages or losses of any kind that arise as a result of using/relying on our website or the information therein. We advise all users to confirm the integrity of any information/details that they take from this website, before choosing to utilize this information or depend on it.

Users are requested to use and the information presented therein at their peril. The website, as well as the contents therein, are presented to users on an "As is" and "As available" rationale. revokes any and all warranties of any sort, whether they are either specified or implied, comprising, but not independent of any pledges relating to the merchantability or pertinence, for a distinct utility, consent, and non-infringement. cannot be held accountable by anybody who suffers expenses, losses, liabilities, and damages of any sort, as a result of -

  • using this website and the contents/information offered therein,
  • their violation of our Privacy Policy,
  • their violation of our Terms & Conditions,
  • using any of the services/products/information of third-party sites and links within our website.

We reserve the right to update, modify and make changes to our Privacy Policy as well as Terms & Conditions as and when we deem fit, and not notify our users of doing so. That is why we advise all users of to frequently keep an eye on our Privacy Policy, and Terms & Conditions to stay aware of all the changes/updates/modifications that we have made. Users will be predisposed to these changes as soon as they are appended.