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Conferences In Bhutan - Leading To The Resurgence Of Research & Development

Bhutan has always attached special importance to the well-being and happiness of its people and has incessantly aspired to raise the level of human satisfaction with a holistic approach to change, progress, and development by conducting a variety of top-level international conferences in Bhutan 2023-2024. If there's one field that Bhutan has excelled in throughout its history, it would be in the field of medicine. The history of health services in Bhutan is the story of two traditions - the traditional and allopathic streams of medicines. Although, there was also infiltration in the form of the first trained paramedics and paramedics in India who established and established Western medicine in the kingdom in the early 20th century, Sowa Rigpa or traditional medicine, Tibetan medicine methods, were also practiced in Bhutan until the seventh century.

Today, traditional and allopathic medicine methods are practiced and applied in the kingdom without any sense of competition and discrimination. The Bhutanese people enjoy and have the right to attend both types of drug treatment, whichever is best for their disease. That is why Bhutan is the perfect destination for attending international conferences, not just in Medicine but also in Agriculture, Biology, Pharmacology, etc. To know more about your favorite upcoming conferences in Bhutan, visit, where you can subscribe to conference alerts (via email) that are completely free-of-charge!

List of International Conferences in Bhutan 2023-2024