Had a conference scheduled and worried about how to attend it due to the pandemic? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here are how conference organizers are working to make your conference attending experience a hustle free one and how you can still attend conferences amid the COVID – 19 pandemic.

The COVID –19 pandemic has made the last two years tough and highly cautious for us. It’s hard to imagine such a drastic change of plans in every aspect of life. Conference organizing and attending have become a huge task.

Attending conferences is as risky as hosting a conference. But when you are an enthusiast who cannot keep themselves from academic gatherings, then virtual conferences are lifesavers.
Virtual conferences have become more popular in the last two years than ever. Many conference organizers have rescheduled their events and organized virtual conferences to make sure their audience is not disappointed in any way. Many platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, Slack. Adobe connects, Microsoft Teams and many more, are providing and creating a platform that can accommodate hundreds of individuals to gather and have discussions and organize virtual events.

Despite the pandemic many national and international conferences have been held successfully and attended by thousands of people from the comfort of their homes, staying safe and secured. Virtual conferences ensure your safety as you do not need to step out of your home and still have the experience of attending the conference and gain the same amount of knowledge as a live conference. International Conference Alerts is one such platform that organizes safe and secure conferences keeping your safety as the priority.

Safety measures are being taken indefinitely while organizing conferences post the lockdown during the pandemic. Here are the safety measures that are must be followed by both attendees and organizers to have a safe conference experience.

  • Carry a hand sanitizer and a face mask at all costs. Make sure to sanitize your hands thoroughly and never take off your face mask to ensure the safety of your health.
  • Ensure to social distancing and avoid greeting people with physical interaction such as shaking hands and greeting hugs.
  • Temperature checks are being made at every conference or event to ensure your safety.
  • The conference hall or the location of the event must be sanitized thoroughly before and after the event has been organized.
  • The conference organizers must make sure of complete safety measures while providing the food and beverages to the attendees. Pre-planned seated dining or packed meals are a viable option considering the situation.

The conference can be rescheduled or relocated or cancelled at the convenience to ensure no high risk is being taken. Most of the organizers are providing their audience with the choice of whether to attend the conference physically or virtually. The audience can choose according to their convenience without any pressure. Most of the conferences are being held both physically and virtually at the same time, so the audience can have whichever experience they wish to have and also, they don’t miss out on any conference happening anywhere across the globe because of either distance or COVID.

This is how conferences are surpassing the challenges of pandemic with innovative ways to attend a conference by ensuring everyone’s safety and security and beating the distance is considered an added bonus.


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