Today, international conferences have become more important than ever before. It’s because these events serve as a wonderful platform for knowledge exchange, partnerships, and networking across various fields. 

If you’re a conference organizer, it’s important to know that the location of the conference can hugely affect the event’s success. You want to choose a country that is easily accessible by delegates from all parts of the world coming to the conference. The country itself should be inviting with its state-of-the-art facilities, strategic locations, recreational opportunities, and more. 

So, in this blog, we’re going to list the world’s best countries for international conferences in Asia Pacific, the USA, and the UK. So, let’s get started.

Top Countries for Conferences in Asia Pacific 2024


Located at the crossroads of major air and sea routes in Asia, Singapore boasts state-of-the-art conference facilities equipped with the latest technology. The Singapore government actively supports the MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, and Exhibitions) industry through various initiatives, providing an ideal environment for hosting international conferences.

Also, given that the country is a hub for various industries and has a diverse population, international conferences in Singapore 2024 provide numerous networking and collaboration opportunities among researchers, students, and scholars from all fields.

Most importantly, Singapore’s high-income economy is mainly fuelled by the manufacturing sector, which includes electronics, chemicals, biomedical sciences, precision engineering, logistics, and transport engineering. So, attending a conference in Singapore presents a golden opportunity to learn about advances in these and many other fields.


Australia is another popular country for conferences due to many reasons. First and most importantly, Oceania puts a substantial emphasis on innovation and technology, making it an appealing and opportunistic destination for technology conferences, scientific conferences, and events related to creative industries. So, attending a conference in Australia can be incredibly valuable for participants’ careers, businesses, and academics. 

Second, Australia is home to world-class convention centers and innovative people who inspire audiences at international conferences. After all, infrastructure and hospitality can make a big difference to the success of any event.

In addition, delegates attending a conference in Australia 2024 often enjoy countless pre-, post, and mid-conference experiences, with an array of destinations and activities available in the country.


Thailand boasts a strategic and accessible location in Southeast Asia. The TCEB Convention Department encourages international conferences within the country by facilitating support and suitable infrastructure for such events. It brings together the world’s leaders, academia, researchers, and professionals to discuss development and advancement in various industries. 

And we all are familiar with Thailand’s popularity as a vibrant tropical destination. The country is dotted with pristine beaches, panoramic sceneries like nowhere else on the earth, exotic food and culture, and extremely hospitable locals.

That’s why conference organizers prefer conferences in Thailand 2024 so that participants can kill “three” birds with one stone – gain knowledge in the field, establish successful global connections, and explore beautiful Thailand.

South Korea

In 2018, South Korea ranked No. 1 in the world for hosting the maximum number of international conferences for both 2016 and 2017. Since then, the country has constantly been putting efforts into improving its infrastructure to attract tourism of all kinds – professional, academic, and alike. 

Moreover, the country has undergone one of the largest economic transformations over the past 60 years, mainly driven by technological development and innovation. One of many things to note is that South Korea is one of the world’s largest producers of semiconductors.

Because of the country’s technological excellence, it has remained and is going to be a great destination for technology and engineering conferences in South Korea in 2024


Japan – being a world leader in technology and innovation – is one of the best destinations for international conferences in 2024 and beyond. The country’s cutting-edge technological infrastructure supports large-scale conferences, exhibitions, and presentations. 

In addition, Japan is home to the world’s leaders in various fields who enjoy sharing their knowledge and experiences with others. Conference organizers can invite these leaders to speak at their events, which makes conferences in Japan popular. 

As the country’s infrastructure and devotion to innovation are growing rapidly, it will remain a popular country for international conferences in 2024 and beyond.


Being one of the largest economies in Southeast Asia, Indonesia attracts global business and academic interest, making it an ideal destination for international conferences in Indonesia. These events allow international gatherings to tap into its growing market. 

This could not be possible without governmental support. The Indonesian government is taking many initiatives for infrastructure development, including conference facilities, accommodation, and transportation networks. All of this makes the country fit for hosting large-scale international conferences.  

Plus, the country’s rich cultural diversity, with 300+ ethnic groups, presents conference attendees with unique experiences. Another important thing is that Indonesia is much more affordable than other popular countries for conferences. This makes it an attractive choice for conference organizers as well as participants visiting from different parts of the world.


Malaysia can be a great country for economic conferences, business conferences, and similar events in other fields. It’s because the country is resourceful in terms of leaders, technology, and infrastructure needed for these disciplines. That’s why conferences in Malaysia attract scholars, researchers, students, and professionals from all over the world. 

This is not the only reason that draws international traffic! Organizers and people choose to attend international conferences in Malaysia so that they can also explore the country’s stunning natural landscapes, from white sand beaches to tropical rainforests. The country’s biodiversity also provides unique settings for eco-tourism or environmental conferences.

In addition, vibrant Malaysian cities like Penang and Kuala Lumpur are not only conference hubs but also provide delegates with numerous leisure and entertainment choices.

Top Countries for Conferences in Europe 2024


England boasts a long-standing history and tradition of academic and research excellence. The country is home to the world’s most prestigious universities like Oxford University and Cambridge University. This environment attracts not only students but also researchers, scholars, and professionals who can benefit from and contribute to England’s educational culture. 

All of this sets England as a perfect stage for events like international conferences where global minds can interact, share ideas, present their work, and collaborate. 

England, particularly London, is a global business hub. The city’s reputation as a financial and commercial center makes it suitable for international business conferences. In addition, England is at the forefront of scientific advancements, making it a prime destination for scientific conferences


Spain is fastest emerging as a leader in innovation in scientific research and automobile technology. The country’s thriving community of scientists, researchers, academics, and industry experts is always eager to innovate and share their knowledge with the world through events like international conferences in Spain. That’s why many conference organizers choose Spain as their preferred destination. 

The European country offers all types of conference settings in cities, like historic buildings in Madrid and modern facilities in Seville. Old or modern, all venues are fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology to cater to conferences in various disciplines.

The country is also experiencing substantial growth in industries like renewable energy, digital innovation, and biotechnology, making it a good venue for conferences related to these fields. At the same time, attendees can have an enjoyable experience exploring Madrid’s bustling streets, Barcelona’s artistic charm, or the Canary Islands’ serene beaches.


Central European Location: Germany is located in the heart of Europe, which makes it an easily accessible hub for international delegates. But the more important thing is that Germany is one of the world’s biggest economies and leaders in various industries, including engineering, automotive, and pharmaceuticals. Thus, it attracts research, businesses, and students from all over the world, making it a prime location for Germany international conferences.

The country is renowned for its unshakable focus on research and development, particularly in sectors including engineering, information technology, renewable energy, and the like. So, it’s the right country to organize conferences in these and other relevant fields. 

Moreover, cities like Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, and Frankfurt offer state-of-the-art facilities needed for successful, large-scale conferences.


Italy is known for its ancient ruins, historic cities, Renaissance art, architectural splendors, and rolling hills of Tuscany. But Italy is also one of the world’s leaders not only in luxury goods but also in motor vehicles, chemical products, precision engineering, and pharmaceuticals, to name a few. 

The European country is quickly embracing innovation, particularly in the technology and renewable energy sectors. So, Italy is a good country for international conferences in these fields. International delegates traveling to the country often admire Italians for their warm hospitality, which is critical for a successful conference experience.

In addition, there are many world-renowned convention & exhibition centers with luxury hotels. North Italy boasts the highest MICE facilities, while South Italy offers high-end premises for international conferences in Italy.


France’s popularity as a destination for international conferences is attributed to various factors. It includes easy accessibility, economic and scientific prowess, world-class infrastructure facilities, panoramic landscapes, and more. 

Being one of Europe’s largest economies, France is a leading player in many sectors, such as transport, aeronautics, and luxury goods. The country is also growing in the industries of tomorrow, such as renewable energy, biotechnologies, and new technologies. That’s why France serves as a great stage to host major international conferences in France 2024 and beyond.

Another important thing is that France accords great importance to the safety of its citizens and that of visitors. So visitors feel safe during their stay in the country. All in all, France facilitates everything needed to organize an international conference safely and successfully.


Portugal is blessed with culture, diversity, food, and amazing landscapes, making it a truly beautiful and best country for Portugal conferences and meetings. The country is easily accessible from all major European hubs. 

Popular regions like Lisbon, the Algarve, and Porto have invested heavily in taking their MICE infrastructure to the next level, thus attracting conference organizers and attendees worldwide. Recently, the Portuguese government has made major initiatives towards research and development in various fields. So, the country is attracting scholars, researchers, students, and industry experts to become part of Portugal’s growth journey.

In addition, Portugal is one of the safest countries in the world. The county’s commitment to safety is recognized by its ranking on the Global Peace Index and the fact that it became the European country to receive the “Safe Travels” badge in 2021.


Turkey, mainly its popular cities like Istanbul, Ankara, and Antalya, has become an inviting destination for organizing international conferences. The country’s unique geographical location at the crossroads of Asia and Europe makes it an easily accessible country for international conferences.

In addition, conference venues in Turkey are laced with modern facilities, the latest technology, and other amenities to host large-scale international events. Another thing that makes Turkey stand out is its highest level of hospitality services, especially when it comes to managing international events. Conference organizers and service providers are accustomed to serving an international clientele.

It’s worth noting that Turkey’s major airports offer direct flights to almost all parts of the world. This makes traveling to and from Turkey very convenient for an international conference in Turkey delegates and attendees. 

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom (UK) is infused with rich history, culture, and cutting-edge innovation. A world leader in medicine, science, and technology, the country is home to major global research centers. It’s home to many experts in various industries who can become part of UK conferences, thus adding value to the event. 

Conference organizers can choose from various venues of every shape and size, from medieval castles to gleaming skyscrapers, depending on the theme of their conference. Adding to the appeal of the country is its unique combination of breathtaking landscapes, innovation expertise, and history.


Many things make Switzerland an appealing country for international conferences in Switzerland 2024 and beyond. This includes short travel distances, excellent infrastructure, the world’s leading industry experts, vibrant cities, and much more. Given the country’s pioneering spirit, conference organizers can easily find well-trained personnel and excellent research institutions for conferences.

Switzerland is characterized by the traits of safety and stability like no other country. This puts international attendees at ease because they are sure about their safety. Moreover, the country is loaded with knowledge, and so are both speakers and experts from various fields.

Switzerland is the best country for hospitality conferences and biotechnology conferences. It’s because the country flourishes in both these fields and many more. In addition, the country has attracted hundreds of international companies, ranging from world sports federations to the United Nations. So, conference organizers and attendees get an enriching environment for knowledge exchange.


Be it an international conference or a seminar, Belgium displays an appealing character to host corporate as well as academic gatherings. The country welcomes students, researchers, scholars, and industry experts with an open heart and a firm belief in knowledge exchange

The most popular and recommended cities are Brussels, Ghent, and Antwerp, all of which are dotted with top-notch conference centers. Moreover, Belgium’s multilingual population is fluent in Dutch, German, and French, making it an inclusive destination for international conferences in Belgium attendees.

It’s also worth noting that Belgium is highly focused on sustainability, which can be seen in its eco-friendly conference venues and practices. This makes the country an appealing choice for environmentally conscious organizations. In addition, various accommodation options, from grand stays to budget-friendly hotels, cater to attendees with different preferences and budgets.

Top Countries for Conferences in USA 2024


Canada’s convention centers are beautifully located amidst soaring mountains, lively harbors, and dynamic urban settings. These centers are laced with cutting-edge facilities needed to organize successful conferences and other events. Regardless of where the conference takes place, you will have access to modern and sustainable facilities that meet all the needs of event organizers.

Most importantly, Canada is a safe, easy-to-get-to, and welcoming country, allowing for attendance and delegate engagement to feel comfortable and familiar. In addition, Canada boasts a rich and robust economy. It’s home to many of the world’s leading companies in various industries. These companies are known for their technology, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit. 

So, conferences in Canada present great platforms for researchers, scholars, students, and professionals to come and benefit from interactions with experts.


As of August 2023, the USA was the country with the highest number of conferences planned. Home to Silicon Valley and the top-tier research institutions and universities, the USA offers conference participants access to cutting-edge research and networking opportunities with industry leaders. It’s a premier place for technology and engineering conferences because of its reputation as a global tech leader. 

The country’s leadership goes beyond tech to include various industries, providing a suitable environment for interdisciplinary learning and innovation. That is why international conferences in the USA attract a diverse range of attendees from all over the world, including professionals, experts, researchers, academics, and students.

You can organize and attend conferences in various fields, including engineering, technology, medicine, business, education, and social sciences, among others. These events also bring opportunities to explore and experience the lively cities of the USA.


Mexico is another country for conferences in 2024, especially in the fields of automotive, aerospace, international trade, and mechanical engineering. Bridging North and South America, Mexico is accessible to international attendees from all corners of the world. Its strategic geographical location encourages the gathering of brilliant global minds and impressive networking opportunities.

Following the footsteps of the US government, the Mexican government has been actively investing in the tech sector and innovation. This helps foster a supportive environment for tech and engineering conferences.

What’s more, Mexico’s stunning landscape, from beautiful mountains to awe-inspiring beaches, paired with famed cuisine, add to the country’s appeal as an international Mexico conference

Hopefully, you find this list helpful when planning your next international conference.


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