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In the beginning, scientific and technological development in South Korea was completely non-existent mainly because of more pushing difficulties such as the separation of the entire Korean peninsula that was a result of the Korean War. It was not until the 1960's that the South Korean economy developed swiftly as a consequence of rapid industrialization and conducting of many top-level conferences in South Korea 2023. Since the industrialization of South Korea's economy, the country has concentrated on technology firms, backed by government infrastructure advancement. In addition, South Korea is now considered one of the pillars of a sophisticated global mobile phone market, where developers are encouraged to take advantage of a market where very few technical constraints hinder technological progress.

With the South Korean government having invested in the development of the national biotechnology industry, this sector is expected to grow rapidly. Recently, research and development in genetics and cloning has received growing recognition, with the successful cloning of a number of animal species. The number one driving force of all this progress being made in the country is because of the many top-level conference in South Korea that is conducted across the country on a regular basis.

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