How To Get Sponsorship for Attending International Conference?

International conferences demand significant monetary investment and detailed planning. Therefore, while organizing such events, one of the biggest challenges organizers faces is the need for funds. However, they do generate some money from the subscription fee. 

But this amount is collected by the end of the conference day. Moreover, this amount usually only makes up for part of the total cost of the event. It is where sponsors come into the picture. 

Keep reading on as we outline everything organizers should know about getting sponsorship for attending an international conference

How do you ask for sponsorship for a conference?

Event organizers often adopt different strategies to find sponsors and create long-term relations with them. One of the best ways to achieve it is through a sponsorship letter. So, what is a sponsorship letter? 

Well, it is a formal document that event organizers address to potential sponsors. A sponsor can be anyone – an individual or an organization. Ideally, this letter is intended to attract the attention and interest of the sponsors. 

It also aims to develop long-term relationships and boost the fundraising efforts of the organizers. Sponsorship letters can also offer incentives and other perks to the sponsors. Lastly, also explains why they should associate with the event organizers. 

How to find sponsors for the conference?

Here are the best ways to find sponsors for an international event.

Identify Probable Sponsors

List all the sponsors you would like to associate with. You can also add regulatory agencies, government organizations, and other non-profit associations that deal in similar matters. Next, enquire about the organizations with sponsorship programs and experience sponsoring international events. Lastly, contact them to find out if they would like to sponsor your event. Make sure they are a wise pick for your event and can add value.

Prepare a Sponsorship Package

What is a sponsorship package? It is a comprehensive plan that outlines the benefits and perks of sponsorship. In other words, it mentions the value of associating with an event to potential sponsors. In addition, it informs about the theme, demography, audience size, and other event sponsors.

Negotiate the Sponsorship

Share your sponsorship package with all the sponsors and follow up for their response. You can also connect to them personally to know their concerns and queries. Also, enquire about the changes they desire in the package. If they are in line with your policy, then you should agree to them. Once everything falls in place, fix a one-on-one meeting with the sponsors. Recommend top-level packages to the highly-interested sponsors. 

Offering lower-level packages to the less interested ones will be a nice move. Your motive here should be to crack the deal at any cost. After all, you must get as many sponsors as possible for your international event.

How do I get sponsorship for international conferences?

Here are effective ways of getting the right sponsors for your international conference:

  • Use Digital Tools– Thanks to advanced technology, you can find suitable sponsors through various promising digital tools. They offer a pre-designed sponsorship desk. All you need to do is enter your event details and sponsorship package. Interested sponsors will show curiosity about your event, and you can take things forward.

  • Get Specific about your Conference Goals – You need to know your event goals. For instance, if you are seeking help booking an event venue, you should pitch sponsorship to those working in that industry. Similarly, if you are looking for an eminent speaker, you should hire a PR who can get the best in the industry.

  • Refer to the Related Events – Another great way of getting the right sponsors is by reaching out to the sponsors of the related events. In other words, you should associate with sponsors who are related to your industry. The audience aligns their goals with these sponsors, making pitching easier for you.

  • Cherry Picking is the Key to Success – Yes. Narrow down your sponsor options and cherry-pick the names that can promote your brand image. For instance, if your event is about environmental suitability, select the names that adopt sustainable practices for their products.

Sample letter requesting sponsorship to attend the conference

Dear (Sponsor’s Name),

We are glad to invite you as a sponsor for our upcoming international event on (topic), (date), and (venue). This event aims to unite all like-minded people on the same platform and share the latest industry knowledge. 

It will also help everyone develop long-term relationships and partnerships. With your contribution, we hope to touch the pinnacle of success with this annual conference. The conference management committee has also made special arrangements for the highest contributing sponsors. Their banners will be displayed at the event venue. Moreover, they will also be honored by the event organizers. 

So, we look forward to hearing from you soon in this regard. We would like to thank you for considering this sponsorship letter.



Summing Up

So, it was all about getting sponsorship for attending an international conference. Remember, you should always associate with the sponsors who can add value to your event. They should play a key role in promoting your event and attracting maximum subscriptions.

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