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Every conference in Greece places an important role in refining aspects such as the study, implementation, and monitoring of research and technology policies being followed in that particular field. Spending on R&D (research and development) activities in Greece have reached an unprecedented peak of close to two billion euros. Although this is much lower than the EU average, the overall expenditure on R&D activities in Greece, across all major fields was recorded as the third-largest increase in Europe, only after countries such as Finland and Ireland. Owing to its important location, experienced workforce, as well as political and economic stability, many global tech firms have their provincial R & D headquarters located in the country of Greece.

Greece also has several comprehensive technology parks and has been an integral member of the ESA (European Space Agency). Greece has one of the highest proportions of entry in higher learning in the world, while Greeks are well represented in prominent institutions around the world. Greek scientific publications have significantly expanded in terms of influence on research, surpassing both the EU average and the global average. If you are looking to attend an international conference in Greece 2023-2024, then pay a visit to, where you will find detailed info on all upcoming conferences in your field. You can also subscribe to conference alerts that do not cost even a penny. Become a subscribe, today!

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