Conferences in Vietnam 2023-2024

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Upcoming Conferences in Vietnam 2023-2024

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Vietnam has experienced a high GDP growth rate over the past few years, as a result of which it has been consistently ranked among the fastest-growing countries in the world. Since the dynastic era, Vietnamese scholars have developed in numerous academic fields, especially in engineering, Mathematics, other social sciences, and humanities. In modern times, Vietnamese scientists have made many important contributions in various fields of study, including mathematics. Vietnamese nationals were the first to use global optimization in the field of applied mathematics, while one of them also won the Fields Medal for his extraordinary and groundbreaking research work in the field. Vietnamese scientists and researchers have made significant progress in developing robots, such as the TOPIO humanoid model. According to the UNESCO Institute for Statistics, Vietnam has devoted a significant portion of its GDP to scientific research and development.

One of the initiatives of the Vietnamese government to promote research, development activities and scientific studies has been the conducting of high-level international conferences in Vietnam 2023-2024 that help its thriving community of researchers and scientists stay up-to-date with the latest developments in their respective fields. is the number one source of information on all upcoming conferences in Vietnam. Here, one can also subscribe to accurate and reliable conference alerts (via email) that are totally free of cost. Conference planners/organizers can also "spread the word" about their upcoming events by adding relevant details to the existing information.

List of International Conferences in Vietnam 2023-2024