How To Find Best International Academic Conferences?

With the sheer number of conferences that exist out there, it can be pretty hard for anyone seeking to make the most out of attending such events, to find the best ones. Listed below are some of the ways in which one can find the best upcoming conferences in their field.

  • Scour The Web For The Best Events In Your Discipline

The most obvious step when trying to find the best international conferences is to start by going online and search for relevant conferences in your subject of interest. There are a number of conference notification directories on the internet these days that can be of assistance in finding the right conferences for you. Once you find an international conference that you’re interested in, you can proceed to register for the event immediately by carefully perusing the same page to find a link to the conference website, registration page, and any other information you may need.

  • Get Your Hands On Journals & Magazines

Even at the start of your career, there is a good chance that you will be familiar with the many academic journals or magazines relevant to your field. Many research conferences advertise in such forms of print media purely because they are quite popular in the world of academics, and because they can directly connect with their target market. It is advisable that you check the latest editions of these journals as it often takes some time for the latest issues to reach their subscribers and libraries. This means that the call for papers may already have weeks or months, leaving you limited time to respond and submit your abstract.

You can also access these journals online if you have a subscription. Also, regularly checking these journals to keep an eye out for relevant events, is however painstaking, which is why people who follow this method usually maintain a file with details of each of the international conferences that they come across, so as not to forget about them.

  • Inquiring Of Those In The Know

This is where one’s contacts come in handy. Networking plays a vital role in acquiring these contacts and there is no better place to network than at international conferences. This thought, therefore, comes back full circle. One should always use their networking skills to identify the best upcoming international conferences in a specific discipline. Placing inquiries with their fellow researchers about where and when the next biggest international conferences that they know of are going to take place is a great way to find out about the best events.

There is also a wealth of experience within the academic departments of one’s respective university or college. Many conference organizers contact heads of academic departments to help promote their events, so getting in touch with one’s department or contacting a local university is another great option. Such word of mouth recommendations is incredibly helpful in identifying the best conferences in your field that are worth considering.

  • Subscribing To Newsletters From Popular Conference Organizers

Once you’ve found specific academic conferences that interest and intrigue you, proceed to subscribe to the newsletters put out by the organizers behind these great events. You can find all the important information leading up to the academic conference, and it allows you to be the source of information on top conferences for your peers. You will then receive newsletters for each of the following annual conferences.

  • Watch Out For Conference Organizers

Although it is vital that you look for international conferences that match your research goals, you need to make sure these events aren’t phoney ones. Such conferences are not organized by learned or professional societies. These do not use a peer review system and often have high as well as fast acceptance rates, charging participants exorbitant registration fees.

Conferences that are organized by such predatory firms claim that certain well-known or reputable researchers sit on their organizing committees, which is more often than not a complete lie. If you’re unsure whether a conference that you found and are interested in partaking in, is predatory or not, do some basic investigating, looking for reviews or accounts from participants who have participated in earlier editions of the same conference or other conferences organized by the same organizing firm. A lot of fraudulent firms will often also hide these reviews of their previous events. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that if a certain conference sounds too good to be true and the organizer of this conference has no prior history of organizing such events, then the conference is most probably a complete waste of your time.

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